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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Gator!

Gator 5 Stars.png

The strong holding power of Gator hooks is awesome. Initial order was for one of the open hook and one closed to see how they would perform. So impressed that I place another multiple order. Being able to place a hook where needed and the ability to relocate it as your need changes makes them so versatile. My recommendation is to order a couple more than you think you need. You'll easily find other places to put them to work. Great product!”

Mark A.

Gator 5 Stars.png

"Heavy duty, nice design, nicely made, exactly what I was looking for to organize hanging tools in my Conex and metal cabinet."

Elizabeth B.

Gator 5 Stars.png

"I was shocked at how much weight this could hold! Truly mind blowing!  I think it might be stronger than necessary for a lot of stuff I would like to use it for." 

Mitchell P.

Gator 5 Stars.png

"I got a couple of 4" hooks and put them to work right away holding shovels and rakes in my steel shed. I didn't have to drill any holes or damage the shed siding. They just snapped right on! I'm going to get some more for my workshop!" 

Brennan M.

Gator 5 Stars.png

"Truly amazing products!! I wasn’t sure they would attach and remove as easily as the video showed - but they do!! They’re so strong too and they DON’T slip down like other magnetic hooks we have had. I already bought some more! Can’t wait until their baskets come out - perfect for my office and laundry room!"

Jane W.

Gator 5 Stars.png

"I love my rolling tool chest! But, there's no good place for power tools like my drills, skill saw or saws-all. With these hooks I just snap them on to the sides of the box and keep my power tools handy! Plus, I can take them off any time I want. This product rocks!"

David M.

Gator 5 Stars.png

"These are just what is needed to attach things to the tool box. I hope you guys come out with more hooks designed for toolbox uses. I have found that the holes on the metal pegboard mounted on my tool boxes are not a standard size. So I cannot find pegboard hooks large enough to stay in. These will solve that problem."

Steve J.

Gator 5 Stars.png

"The Gator hook performs great...way better than I was expecting. I love being able to move the hook around wherever I want or need it. Cool look and design.

I'll be buying more."

Jon M.

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