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High School Backpacks Weigh 12 - 20 lbs.!

Gator Hooks can easily handle heavy, overloaded backpacks, sports duffel bags and tool belts getting them off the floor and keeping them convenient. In fact, Gator Hooks have been tested to hold up to 25lbs. on thin steel surfaces all around the house and garage.

With so much weight capacity Gator Hooks can safely and securely store just about anything you can throw at them! All of the following heavy items are probably in your house or garage and weigh 25lbs. or less:

• 300' Extension Cord

• Golf Clubs

• Chainsaw

• 2 Gallon Cans of Paint

• 4 Shovels

• 100' of Garden Hose

• 2+ Gallon Jugs of Laundry Detergent

No matter what you've got, Gator can take it on!

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